SYWT: Add ComputerCraft 1.4.1 to Tekkit 3.1

So You Want To: Replace ComputerCraft shipped in Tekkit with the new CC 1.4.1 release so You can play with the all new turtle mechanics ? Here’s how!

  • Download the Bukkit server mod here: and the server plugin here:
  • Download the CC141 client mod here:
  • Copy the to Your servers \mods\ folder and the CCPlugin.jar to Your servers \plugins\ folder. On the client copy to Your games \tekkit\mods\ folder. Make sure You delete the computercraft folder in both Your server and client mods folders to remove the old CC version!
  • Delete the files mod_CCTurtle.cfg and mod_ComputerCraft.cfg from Your \config\ folders both on the server and the client.
  • Run Your server and client once to generate the new mod config files — note that server and client will crash with block-id conflict errors !
  • Fix the Block-ID conflict with Railcraft by editing the file \config\mod_CCTurtle.cfg on both Your server and client like so (i changed it so turtles don’t need fuel as well):

  •  Optional: If You use a replacement texturepack You need to delete the computercraft texture \gui\turtle.png as the new turtles have more inventory space !


That’s all folks ! Now go and play with the all new ComputerCraft 1.4.1 stuff ! Some of the changes in v1.4.1 have already been documented in the CC Wiki so if You have question feel free to head there !

Thanks to Cloudy who created the port to Bukkit and shared it on MCPortCentral !


SYWT: Add Forestry to Tekkit 3.1

Another SYWT, today it’s time for some Forestry!

Since the removal of the Forestry Mod from Tekkit version 3.0.3 a lot of people have been looking for a way to reinclude the mod into Tekkit. Here is how to add Forestry version to Tekkit version 3.1.1:

  • Download the Bukkit server mod here: and the client mod here:
  • Add a zzz_ to the name of both files so they look like
  • Copy the server archive to your servers \mods\ folder and the client to your games \tekkit\mods\ folder.
  • Remove the Forestry stub files from Equivalent Exchange: Open the EE2ClientV1.4.6.5.jar using 7-Zip or a similar archiver thats able to manipulate .jar files and delete the forestry folder in that .jar archive. On the server the forestry folder needs to be removed from too !
  • Edit the line mill=4095 in \tekkit\config\forestry\base.conf to mill=4094 to resolve a block-id conflict with the newly added immibis chunkloader block. Make sure You also edit Your servers \config\forestry\base.conf file with the above change !
  • Optional: If You dont like to have the twice-than-usual  amount of copper-ore and tin-ore generated in Your world You can disable Forestry’s tin/copper generation by editing the line world.generate.copper=true and world.generate.tin=true in Your Forestry base.conf files (client AND server)  to both say false.
  • Optional: If You’d like to see the Forestry item and block recipes in NotEnoughItems download the NEI plugin here: and copy it to Your \tekkit\mods\ folder. This needs to be done on the client only.


DONE ;) Now go and have fun in Tekkit + Forestry and read up on all the things the mod has to offer on the official Forestry Wiki !

I hope this SYWT was easy to follow and everything worked out smoothly for You. For reference, most of the information in here was gathered from a thread in the Tekkit forums and through my own experimentation. Feel free to comment if You want to add anything useful to this SYWT !


SYWT: Influence ore distribution in Bukkit / Tekkit

Welcome to another installment of So You Want To: !

Today i’m going to give You a quick overview of what You can do to control the ore distribution in the worlds of Your Bukkit/Tekkit server.

First of all You’ll need to download the Bukkit plugin Mineral Veins which You unpack to Your server’s plugins folder. If that folder doesn’t exist You can just create it. I know it says it’s for CB1.1 on the download page but it works just fine on the recent CB builds even with mods like Tekkit.

Upon server start all new chunks generated will have the ore-distribution applied as they are configured in Your server’s \plugins\Mineral Vein\config.yml. A couple of config examples have been posted in the plugins development thread.

Depending on what You want to do You can either add to the ore generated by default or have the plugin replace the “vanilla” ore with its own distribution logic. The setting mode: add or mode: replace toggles that behavior in Your config. For indepth information on all the settings please refer to these video tutorials or the readme file i added to the download below!

The config i currently use for testing a new world on Tekkit 3.1.1 includes settings for all vanilla minecraft overworld ore and all of Tekkits ore’s and gem’s (Copper, Silver, Tungsten, Uranium, Ruby, Sapphire, …) I even added some nether blocks (Glowstone, …) to be generated in the desert biome to save on server memory by not allowing entry to nether or end.

You may download my config here, then overwrite the file in Your \plugins\Mineral Vein\ folder with the Zip contents or copy and paste everything into a new config.yml from the codebox below:

Click to show!Click to hide!

Be aware that this config is cheaty and i would not recommend running it on a real server as there is way too many ore generated !

A bit of history #1

History. It always comes with that smell of old books in a library. Not in this case tho as i’m about to tell a little (multipart) story of our server.

It all started back in Minecraft Beta 1.1 times on a plain vanilla setup were we experimented with the elements bringing the server to a grinding halt. The idea was to build an underwater pyramid so we created a cube of leafes in the ocean and burnt it in the hope to get construction space there. It didnt turn out all too well:

Now for something completely different

Let’s dive straight into Minecraft Tekkit which is a MC modpackage my little server is currently running on.

It extends upon the regular Minecraft game offering machines, electricity, alchemy, computers and a lot of other nice new features. Have a look at the respective Mods Wiki’s:

Additional things like mineable Nether ores, BC <-> IC energy converters and more are contained within the pack, see the list of mods.

The small bunch of people whitelisted on the server are currently exploring the possibilities and we’re having a lot of fun.

As some of us are playing on lower end computers and laptops i created a 16x texture pack by using original 16x pack and adding downscaled versions of the Tekkit 64x pack. Having a 16x pack active saves on memory and increases framerates and is especially useful on 32bit systems where only 1gb of memory can be allocated to Java. I’m currently in the process of finding out if this pack can be made available for download.