SYWT: Add ComputerCraft 1.4.1 to Tekkit 3.1

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So You Want To: Replace ComputerCraft shipped in Tekkit with the new CC 1.4.1 release so You can play with the all new turtle mechanics ? Here’s how!

  • Download the Bukkit server mod here: and the server plugin here:
  • Download the CC141 client mod here:
  • Copy the to Your servers \mods\ folder and the CCPlugin.jar to Your servers \plugins\ folder. On the client copy to Your games \tekkit\mods\ folder. Make sure You delete the computercraft folder in both Your server and client mods folders to remove the old CC version!
  • Delete the files mod_CCTurtle.cfg and mod_ComputerCraft.cfg from Your \config\ folders both on the server and the client.
  • Run Your server and client once to generate the new mod config files — note that server and client will crash with block-id conflict errors !
  • Fix the Block-ID conflict with Railcraft by editing the file \config\mod_CCTurtle.cfg on both Your server and client like so (i changed it so turtles don’t need fuel as well):

  •  Optional: If You use a replacement texturepack You need to delete the computercraft texture \gui\turtle.png as the new turtles have more inventory space !


That’s all folks ! Now go and play with the all new ComputerCraft 1.4.1 stuff ! Some of the changes in v1.4.1 have already been documented in the CC Wiki so if You have question feel free to head there !

Thanks to Cloudy who created the port to Bukkit and shared it on MCPortCentral !


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