SYWT: Add Forestry to Tekkit 3.1

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Another SYWT, today it’s time for some Forestry!

Since the removal of the Forestry Mod from Tekkit version 3.0.3 a lot of people have been looking for a way to reinclude the mod into Tekkit. Here is how to add Forestry version to Tekkit version 3.1.1:

  • Download the Bukkit server mod here: and the client mod here:
  • Add a zzz_ to the name of both files so they look like
  • Copy the server archive to your servers \mods\ folder and the client to your games \tekkit\mods\ folder.
  • Remove the Forestry stub files from Equivalent Exchange: Open the EE2ClientV1.4.6.5.jar using 7-Zip or a similar archiver thats able to manipulate .jar files and delete the forestry folder in that .jar archive. On the server the forestry folder needs to be removed from too !
  • Edit the line mill=4095 in \tekkit\config\forestry\base.conf to mill=4094 to resolve a block-id conflict with the newly added immibis chunkloader block. Make sure You also edit Your servers \config\forestry\base.conf file with the above change !
  • Optional: If You dont like to have the twice-than-usual  amount of copper-ore and tin-ore generated in Your world You can disable Forestry’s tin/copper generation by editing the line world.generate.copper=true and world.generate.tin=true in Your Forestry base.conf files (client AND server)  to both say false.
  • Optional: If You’d like to see the Forestry item and block recipes in NotEnoughItems download the NEI plugin here: and copy it to Your \tekkit\mods\ folder. This needs to be done on the client only.


DONE ;) Now go and have fun in Tekkit + Forestry and read up on all the things the mod has to offer on the official Forestry Wiki !

I hope this SYWT was easy to follow and everything worked out smoothly for You. For reference, most of the information in here was gathered from a thread in the Tekkit forums and through my own experimentation. Feel free to comment if You want to add anything useful to this SYWT !


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