SYWT: Influence ore distribution in Bukkit / Tekkit


Welcome to another installment of So You Want To: !

Today i’m going to give You a quick overview of what You can do to control the ore distribution in the worlds of Your Bukkit/Tekkit server.

First of all You’ll need to download the Bukkit plugin Mineral Veins which You unpack to Your server’s plugins folder. If that folder doesn’t exist You can just create it. I know it says it’s for CB1.1 on the download page but it works just fine on the recent CB builds even with mods like Tekkit.

Upon server start all new chunks generated will have the ore-distribution applied as they are configured in Your server’s \plugins\Mineral Vein\config.yml. A couple of config examples have been posted in the plugins development thread.

Depending on what You want to do You can either add to the ore generated by default or have the plugin replace the “vanilla” ore with its own distribution logic. The setting mode: add or mode: replace toggles that behavior in Your config. For indepth information on all the settings please refer to these video tutorials or the readme file i added to the download below!

The config i currently use for testing a new world on Tekkit 3.1.1 includes settings for all vanilla minecraft overworld ore and all of Tekkits ore’s and gem’s (Copper, Silver, Tungsten, Uranium, Ruby, Sapphire, …) I even added some nether blocks (Glowstone, …) to be generated in the desert biome to save on server memory by not allowing entry to nether or end.

You may download my config here, then overwrite the file in Your \plugins\Mineral Vein\ folder with the Zip contents or copy and paste everything into a new config.yml from the codebox below:

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Be aware that this config is cheaty and i would not recommend running it on a real server as there is way too many ore generated !

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