Now for something completely different

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Let’s dive straight into Minecraft Tekkit which is a MC modpackage my little server is currently running on.

It extends upon the regular Minecraft game offering machines, electricity, alchemy, computers and a lot of other nice new features. Have a look at the respective Mods Wiki’s:

Additional things like mineable Nether ores, BC <-> IC energy converters and more are contained within the pack, see the list of mods.

The small bunch of people whitelisted on the server are currently exploring the possibilities and we’re having a lot of fun.

As some of us are playing on lower end computers and laptops i created a 16x texture pack by using original 16x pack and adding downscaled versions of the Tekkit 64x pack. Having a 16x pack active saves on memory and increases framerates and is especially useful on 32bit systems where only 1gb of memory can be allocated to Java. I’m currently in the process of finding out if this pack can be made available for download.

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